So'Journey Farm — a 45-acre farm located in the loveliest corner of Pennsylvania, where rolling hills intersect with rivers and streams, historic farmsteads dot the wooded vistas and a Victorian/European-styled Private Bed & Breakfast provides an opportunity for quiet retreat and personal comfort.

In addition to the rug hooking, fiber and other creativity workshops, there are trails to hike, a pond and streams to visit, farm animals, wildlife and birding to enjoy.

American Ethnic and European gourmet meals are prepared using healthy food grown by local farmers along with our own grass-fed beef and free-range chicken.

There's even fishing for fresh catfish, crappie and bass at our pond — if you catch it we'll cook it for you!

Do you miss the joys of the countryside?

At So'Journey Farm you can:

to the birds and sounds of the earth

excellent birding with an Audubon IBA (Important Bird Area) nearby

as only true quiet country can provide.

Do all your senses need refreshment?

At So'Journey Farm you can:

the lovely earth

trees and bushes in flower, fresh rain, streams, quiet dark hollows, newly mown hay meadows

and yes, even fresh manure from healthy animals!

Waken to fresh baked goods from the kitchen, breakfasts that include free-range eggs (gather them yourself if you like), homemade yoghurt and locally made jams, meats and delicacies.

Stroll outside to inhale the freshest air imaginable, redolent of deep woods and healthy, rich soils.

Traffic is almost non-existent, which means the natural fragrance of the country comes through at every turn.

A true get-away allows for serendipitous encounters with the natural world.

Walks will turn up a slow-moving box turtle or a frog camouflaged on a tree. Bluebirds, scarlet tanagers, and yellow warblers create a color wheel of avian beauty, and you are reminded constantly that wildlife actually lives here.

On a clear night you can see the Milky Way and on sunny days you can drink your morning coffee down by the pond and watch the sunrise move down the valley.

For photographers and artists, the texture and color one sees on the farm is unparalleled.

Are you looking for new perspectives?

At So'Journey Farm you can:

the exquisite natural beauty of Pennsylvania's Greene County

rolling hills, high ridge meadows, farmland, streams and ponds. At night the total darkness allows for spectacular star-gazing

who knew the stars had color?

Do you need both rest and recreation?

At So'Journey Farm you can:

the woods and meadows

game lands and along beautiful Pennsylvania streams

discover historic spring houses and log cabins.

Walking the hills of this part of Greene County in Western Pennsylvania is a special treat as one moves from pasture to woods, past streams and springs, and then to alpine meadows on ridge tops where the views are spectacular.

You will often come upon deer or wild turkey, old homesteads, or a dogwood in full bloom in spring.

But always, your efforts will be rewarded. Hikes famous for their wildflowers and birding such as Enlow Forks are just a 30 minute drive away. And the famous Warrior Trail passes through our township less than 10 minutes from So'Journey Farm.

Grass-fed Scottish Highland beef is grown and served here at So'Journey Farm. If it's good enough for the Queen of England, it's good enough for us! The cows and calves are a special delight to watch and photograph, and the beef is as nutritious as it is delicious, with five to seven times the amount of Omega 3's and 6's, vitamins and cinolaic acid as grocery store beef.

Roasting chickens are available in late summer, with a waiting list of people wanting birds for their freezer for special dinners. These are free-range roasting chickens, and include a French breed imported from Canada and a Cornish roasting hen that dresses out at over 8 pounds. The taste is exceptional, and for some customers, these birds replace the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.

Food in season, such as fruit from the orchard, ramps and wild mushrooms, watercress from the spring, and produce from the garden are all used in meal preparation. We rely as much as possible on local, sustainably produced foods.

Do you crave more spice in your life?

At So'Journey Farm you can:

the locally grown, sustainably raised beef and chicken, vegetables and fruits

experience the terroir or "territorial" flavor of locally raised food

distinct to this farm and this region

Do you feel ready for some adventure?

At So'Journey Farm you can:

down back roads by bike or car

see covered bridges, 100 year old farmhouses, log cabins and beautiful historic barns

perfect for photographers and artists.

Save some time to just wander down the back roads in your car to see a beautiful, unspoiled rural area. Relax into the tempo and pace of the countryside.

Sit with a book out on the patio and watch the birds. Or take a workshop and explore parts of your creative self you haven't paid attention to lately. Life is a journey... a journey of our soul to higher and higher levels of understanding and oneness.

Sometimes the journey is challenging, other times a pure joy, but centering ourselves in the beauty of nature and serenity of the animals also helps us to find our own place in the Universe.

Workshops that release and substantiate creativity are encouraged, either private or arranged by us here at So'Journey Farm.

Spiritual retreats are enhanced by the natural beauty of the valley, the 1-1/2 acre reflecting pond, and the "rightness" of a sustainable working farm.

Rug hooking workshops are offered through-out the year for all levels of craft person, including teacher-only rug hooking and dyeing workshops in the fall, where exploring color in the dye pots becomes its own creative journey.

Would you like to learn something new?

At So'Journey Farm you can:




Or do you just need to get away from it all?

At So'Journey Farm you can:

the friendly, relaxed country atmosphere on a working farm and in a small, rural community

this rural beauty the way we remember from when we were kids

away from the industrial sounds and hurried life of the city.

Come alone or bring friends. The Earth is welcoming you... and Nature loves an appreciative audience!

The name So'Journey Farm reminds us that our life is a journey of the soul toward wisdom and understanding, and that our place in the Universe also includes responsibilities of stewardship and love.

It is a working farm using sustainable farming techniques - in this case, grass-fed beef (from our Scottish Highland cattle) and pastured, free-range poultry.

Sustainable means we recognize that all things are inter-connected and we need to respect the cycle that sustains a healthy, regenerative environment.

The aim is to return the Earth in better condition than when it was lent to us.

Do you forget what it's like to be well taken care of?

At So'Journey Farm you can:




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